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SMHY Aluminum Jars
The SMHY series aluminum jars offer a unique solution to your packaging needs. With a dual finish aluminum outer casting, these shiny and matte aluminum jars stand out in a crowd. Colors will jump off of the neutral matte surface and become illuminated as the light hits them. 

Usage: Moisturizers, Creams, Lotions, Masks, Scrubs & Exfoliants, Gels

Designed Capacity Part Number METRIC (MM)
ML. Diameter Height
15ml SMHY015 43mm 37mm
30ml SMHY030 53mm 42mm
50ml SMHY050 59mm 53mm
Conversions to Inches and ounces are approximate values.

It is recommended that all products be tested for performance and compatibility; it is the responsibility of the customer to test their products for material and performance compatibility.

Actual surface areas may be larger than suggested print area surfaces. Print area specifications are based on common usage and (baseline or minimal) printer abilities. APC Packaging does not offer printing, silk-screening or hot stamping on its stock item inventory; however these options are available on custom packaging. For more information on custom items, samples, or pricing please contact us.

*APC Packaging reserves the right to upgrade, modify or discontinue any of its products with or without notice. 
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