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GA-1 Round PETG Jars

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Designed Capacity Part Number METRIC (MM)
ML. Diameter Height
3ml GA003-1 30mm 24mm
5ml GA005-1 36mm 26.5mm
10ml GA010-1 41.5mm 30mm
15ml GA015-1 44mm 32mm
20ml GA020-1 44mm 36.5mm
30ml GA030-1 51mm 38mm
40ml GA040-1 51mm 45mm
50ml GA050-1 56.5mm 44.5mm
60ml GA060-1 60.5mm 47.5mm
100ml GA100-1 75mm 49.5mm
120ml GA120-1 80mm 49.5mm
150ml GA150-1 88mm 50mm
200ml GA200-1 88mm 62mm
240ml GA240-1 88mm 72.5mm
300ml GA300-1 94mm 75.5mm
350ml GA350-1 94mm 83mm
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